Put Trampa SuperStar Hubs onto any Skateboard / Longboard Truck

The Trampa SuperStar Hub Bearing Adapter Set allows mounting of Trampa SuperStar Hubs onto any traditional skateboard and longboard truck along with the Evolve GT and GTX. The Adapter changes the bearing size to 22x8x6mm (Standard Skateboard Bearing size) It also changes the spacing between the bearings to the universal standard for all Skateboards/longboards.

NOTE: If using this adapter on the Evolve GT or GTX it requires one of our AT Drive Gear Kit's (66T or 58T). This allows the motors to drive the Trampa Hub.

7" Evolve AT Tires fit the Trampa SuperStar Hubs.

Item Fits: All Standard Skateboard/Longboard Trucks, Evolve Carbon GT, Bamboo GT, GTX and Max X1.

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