How I became obsessed with electric skateboards

It all started when I first moved to Australia and got a job working as a kiteboarding instructor. The shop I worked for was selling Epic electric skateboards so I bought one to help me get around my new home of Sandgate, Queensland. Shortly after getting the board I left the instructor job to pursue a career as a freelance videographer and photographer. Unfortunately this left me short on cash and I had to part with my Epic board. This was a sad event, but it started my passion for electric skateboards.

In Canada for the past 6 years I had been running my own drone business. My business built custom drones for many different industries when they first became popular years ago. Through my experience I was able to get a job as R&D Manager for a local Aerial Photography and Videography company. It took me almost a year to get back on my feet, but working a full time job provided me enough security to finely purchase my second electric skateboard.

The hardest decision was picking which one. The main reason was now I needed two boards as I had met this amazing girl who was keen to learn and enjoy electric skating with me. Buying two electric boards is expensive, but this was not the only factor. The electric skateboard industry was changing. There were dozens of Kickstarter boards trying to get funding and there were a couple mainstream companies offering good boards, but with a dated look compared to what was coming. I have always been a high tech guy and wanted the most powerful board on the market, but also didn’t want to compromise on looks either. The only problem is that board did not yet exist. So I opted for some cheap $800 Chinese boards for my girl and I.

These boards where good and looked cool but the breaking was just terrible. So what does an R&D Manager with years of experience building remotely operated vehicles do? He pulls the cheap Chinese board apart and makes it the fastest and most powerful board possible. The result was amazingly smooth braking and crazy acceleration. However soon after, a new, epic board was released and I just had to have one, so the boards went up for sale on gumtree and were passed on to new owners for many more miles of enjoyment.

Evolve was one of the first electric skateboards on the market and it easily rivals all electric boards worldwide. The 3000 watts of power was phenomenal. My modded Chinese boards where 2600 watts and that was crazy. I could only imagine the potential power of this new board dubbed the Carbon GT. I could not miss the opportunity to own one of the first boards off the assembly line. The day preorders opened for the Evolve board I placed my order.

I saw what Evolve Skateboard's Jeff Anning had created as piece of art, a fully carbon fibre board with the highest in performance the world had ever seen in an electric skateboard. To date I have put over 1300km's on my Evolve skateboard and it's still going as strong as the day it came off the assembly line.

This is why I ride a Evolve Carbon GT. And this is how my obsession with electric skateboards began.

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